Taiwan No. 18

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Taiwan No. 18

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Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's main base for the cultivation of No.18, a black tea strain, also called Hong Yu (Ruby), only grown in Taiwan. In 1999, No.18 was created by hybridizing Taiwanese wild mountain tea trees with Burma Assam tea trees, and grown in the special climate of Yuchih Township, where Sun Moon Lake is located. The trial planting was so successful that No.18 became the signature tea of the lake area.

Similar to Assam tea and Ceylon tea, No. 18, when brewed, has a bright red color and strong, rich flavor with refreshing pungent notes. The tea also has a natural cinnamon and mint fragrance, a feature of the Taiwanese wild tea strain. This distinctive tea is the perfect combination of Indian and Taiwanese Black teas.

The roasting process is the key to make high-quality No. 18. Unlike other tea farmers, this farmer roasted the No. 18 with mild temperature. Lower temperature means that the farmer had to spend more time and labor on roasting. And, the longer roasting process increased the uncertainty of final quality. But the challenge, the farmer believed, was necessary for generating a delicate and round palate, which make our No. 18 plenty of character.

When ordering 75 grams of Taiwan No. 18, the tea will be shipping in original package, seal by farmers.



  • Style of tea: Taiwan No. 18 (Sun Moon Lake Black Tea)
  • Harvest date: August, 2016
  • Oxidation level: Heavy
  • Roasting Level: Medium
  • Location: Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Picking Style: Hand Picked
  • Cultivar: No.18 (Ruby)
  • Farm Elevation: 600-800 meters

 Brewing Guidelines

  • Water Temperature: 203-212 F degrees / 95-100 C degrees
  • Steep Time: 1st/60 seconds, 2nd/90 seconds, 3rd/120 seconds, adding 30 seconds for subsequent infusions
  • Suggested Serving Size: 5 grams / 200 ml water
  • The same tea leaves can be steeped 5-6 times.

The tea has passed the pesticide residual inspection by SGS Company

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I was floored by the aroma, I just love this stuff, blending strong notes of sassafras and menthol ... with an accompaniment of cocoa, malt, and sweet potatoes. It is very sweet and rich, probably sweeter than other versions of this tea I have sniffed.

from My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies


This is a delicious and complex tea... I can simply get lost in the wonderful experience from first sniff to last drop. Much love for this one Sanne Tea! 

from The Everyday Tea Blog

It’s a type of tea that I NEED to have in the cupboard at all times. Such a light, smooth, sweet, honey-like tea!

From tea-sipper, Steepster