Bao Zhong Tea


Bao Zhong Tea

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The tea comes from Pinglin area, one of the oldest tea regions in Taiwan. The tea farm is in Cuku, Pinglin District, near the Feitsui Reservoir area. The environment is strictly protected in this area. Though other areas also produce Bao Zhong Tea, this Bao Zhong Tea, also called Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea, is recognized as the best quality and the best fragrance.

Fragrance is the key to determine the quality of Bao Zhong Tea. High quality Bao Zhong Tea has a clean, elegant, rich and generous floral scent. The best way to fully enjoy Bao Zhong Tea is to inhale deeply the intoxicating fragrance before drinking. The tea has an after-drinking sweetness blended with hints of gardenias and refreshing flavor surging back up to your nose. The leaves of Bao Zhong Tea have a natural twist and are bright blackish green with a light golden color on the tips. Our Bao Zhong Tea leaves also show grey/white dots, a feature of the highest quality. When brewed, the tea liquor has a clean honey yellow color with a touch of pale green.

All tea leaves were from an organic tea farm, and 100% handpicked. The tea workers only picked the well-grown tea leaves, which contain sufficient nutrition to generate exquisite flavors. After harvest, the flesh tea leaves were naturally withered under sun and gentle breeze. Compared to blower withering, natural withering keeps the tea’s innate aroma. These teas are mildly fermented and only lightly roasted to preserve the fresh, lush nature.

When orderng 75 grams of Bao Zhong Tea, the tea will be shipped in its original package, sealed by the farmer.


  • Style of Tea: Bao Zhong Tea (Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea)

  • Harvest Date: April, 2017

  • Oxidation Level: Light

  • Roasting Level: Light

  • Location: Cuku, Pinglin District, New Taipei City

  • Picking Style: Hand Picked

  • Cultivar: Chin Shin Oolong

  • Farm Elevation: 500 meters

Brewing Guidelines

  • Water Temperature: 194-203 F degrees / 90-95 C degrees

  • Steep Time: 1st/40 seconds, 2nd/30 seconds, 3rd/50 seconds, adding 20-25 seconds for subsequent infusions

  • Suggested Serving Size: 6 grams / 220 ml water

  • The same tea leaves can be steeped 6 times.

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