Sanne Tea is HERE!!

It has been 2 years since my husband and I had the idea to find and share high quality Taiwanese teas and the stories of the Taiwanese farmers’ with the world!

It is a simple idea. But, when I began to move forward with the idea, I found that many teas marketed as Taiwanese teas are actually Chinese teas, Vietnamese teas or blended teas. Due to the lack of regulation, teas from other countries can be marked as “Taiwanese Teas” if they are simply processed and packed in Taiwan. These teas damage the Taiwanese tea market, and the reputation of Taiwanese tea. Most of these types of teas are sold at low prices, forcing honest farmers to cut their prices to compete. When it comes to quality, these teas confuse tea drinkers, and hurt the value of genuine Taiwanese teas.

To deliver 100% Taiwanese teas, Sanne Tea has built one-on-one relationships with local tea farmers. With our farmers’ help, we have selected the teas that we love and that represent the spirit of Taiwanese tea culture. Sanne Tea will not only introduce the finest Taiwanese Tea, but also present Taiwanese tea history, knowledge, current events and news to you. Sanne Tea will be the bridge connecting tea drinkers around the world to Taiwanese tea culture.

We are looking forward to meeting you here!

Minglu (Lulu)

Founder and a tea lover