[T]ea... wealth of the Earth,
Blessed with the sweet spirit of Heaven.
— Du Yü, "Ode to Tea"

Minglu (Lulu) Wang-Becker understands your love of that first reviving sip of warm, luxurious, tea. That is why, in 2015, she established Sanne Tea (pronounced sanity). After marrying, and subsequently moving to Michigan, Minglu struggled to find true Taiwanese tea in the Western markets. Descending from several generations of Taiwanese tea lovers, this uplifting beverage is an important part of her day. Due to the high demand and limitation of Taiwanese tea, Minglu found that many packages marked as “Taiwanese tea” were not directly from Taiwan but from nearby countries, mostly Vietnam.

The purpose of starting Sanne Tea is twofold: Minglu hopes to share her enthusiasm and passion for Taiwanese tea and natural farming with the world; and in her search for her favorite tea that she longed for after moving to Michigan, she has finally found the perfect teas and wants to make them available to you.

Minglu has worked hard to find Taiwanese tea that is 100% grown and processed in Taiwan. Over the course of several years, she has built relationships with Taiwanese farmers who are dedicated to bringing the highest quality teas to the market. The heart-felt stories of each farmer that Minglu interviewed will confirm their passion for farming and tending their crops in the most natural way possible.

Farm to Cup                                                                                                            

Sanne Tea insists that our teas be sourced from local Taiwanese farmers. Like wine, tea is imparted with the spirit and enthusiasm of its maker. Because the tea farms in Taiwan are fragmented, using machines is not economically worthwhile. Hence, farming the tea requires a lot of manual labor force. High-quality Taiwanese teas are the harvest of a whole family’s team efforts. Family-managed tea farms create the uniqueness of Taiwanese teas. Each of the teas has their own characteristics and personalities which can’t be found in mass-produced manufactured teas.

The farmers we work with have not only been growing tea for generations, but have devoted themselves to natural, pesticide-free farming methods. It is not just for our health, but for protecting our land from pesticide contamination. We believe that if more tea consumers care about this issue, more farmers will be willing to pursue natural farming methods.

Our commitment is to source and sell 100% natural, zero-pesticide teas. We have direct relationships with all of our tea farmers that we source from to make sure that the teas are from no-pesticide farms. Please take a few minutes to read about the farmers that Minglu has met with and will continue to meet with on a regular basis in order to maintain the high quality and standards of Sanne Tea. We are very excited about the teas that we have to offer and are very much looking forward to meeting and connecting with other tea lovers here!